Visa Z is issued to those who have an intention of entering China for employment purposes. This Visa is issued to the visitors who have been offered an employment place in China. It is worth noting that one cannot be issued this type of Visa if they have not obtained an employment position. To prove this, the applicant may be required to produce a working permit which is issued by the government. In some circumstances, the applicant may be required to produce the employment license. This visa is only issued for single entry. Upon getting the Visa, the visitors coming in to work in China will be required within 30 days to register, apply for residence permit. The residence permit can be obtained from the police station or what is normally known as the Public Security Bureau. It is also important to note that depending with the type of profession, one may be required to produce additional documents, for example people coming in as journalist will be required to produce an official letter which is issued by the media company where the journalist works, the applicant should also contact the press section at the embassy, consulate or the relevant press bodies in China, this should be done in advance to enable the completion of the necessary approvals.