Why attitude makes a difference

A number of people have chosen to pick a destination for their happiness,meaning whatever circumstances they may find themselves in currently pushes them to postpone happiness and dwell in a circle of hopelessness.

Generally the following things may prove to have an effect on ones happiness,”their circumstance,”their attitude” and “their genes”. However numerous people will vouch that attitude towards life trumps ” circumstance and genes”, because as much as we have little control over everything else,we most definately have control over our attitude.

Some may say keeping a positive outlook all the time is impossible and being unrealistic, and they may have views like the following.

*why would you hide your hardship by wearing a mask of optimism.
* No amount of positive thinking can change my circumstance.

It can also be a matter of being referred to as a dreamer,and all those views are very much accurate. But there still exists benefits from having a positive attitude.

* Having a cheerful heart and positive outlook is considered good medicine as affects your health benefits.

* Being pessimistic can sometimes rob you of the strength you might have had to resolve whatever situation you find yourself in,you become demotivated to go as in your head the outcome will always be a fail before even starting.

* Be slow about receiving and be ready to give, giving does not only relate to material but giving your time and energy to others can help motivate you to have that kind of giving attitude that not rewards the person at the receiving end but also rewards you, the giver.

There are so many benefits connected to having the right attitude,with the correct attitude you stand a change to either succeed or fail,the ball is in your court. when you can’t change the circumstance,change the attitude.

Piece of advice, wake up every morning with a good thought,positive affirmation and tackle whatever comes your way with a “i can” kind of attitude you might reap the benefits.

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