Welcome to China Cryshyll Gwynn

Cryshyll Gwynn, 25, was invited by the Beijing Host Family. Let’s get to know her experience in China

How was your stay in China?

My stay here in China is really good and fun. My host family is very kind and great.

What do you like most about china? ex: traditions, culture

I like most in China is their food, the Chinese people are very respectful and humble.

What do you like least about china? ex: traditions, culture

Nothing as of now.

Have you tried Chinese food? What are your most favorite Chinese food?

Yes, I love Chinese food especially the peking duck and mixed veggies

What do you usually do during your free time?

Reading books and bonding with my host family. we usually go outside skating and biking.

Do you have any advice for future applicant like you?

My advice for my fellow applicant is be yourself and do the job well.

Thank you Cryshyll Gwynn for answering our questions. Goodluck and Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here in China.

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