Volunteer teachers in China are young individuals who enjoy traveling and helping others on many levels, while being able to enjoy China’s archeological and cultural wonders, the history, the food and all the amazing beautiful landscapes. Connect with us; we will assist you in connecting with different training centers, schools that accept volunteers, for a variety of opportunities, with educating children, teens and adults by using the English language. You will be able to discover what makes China so awesome, explore the sites, museums, gardens, learn more about the history; you will have the first hand on real life situations, as well as you will be a part of holiday celebrations, and learn more than you ever imagined about this wonderful country. This is a great experience to add to your professional portfolio, teaching conversational English to all ages, caring for children, making friends for life, sharing your life experience with them as you will also learn many things from them as well. If this sounds like something you would enjoy being a part of, contact us we will guide you through the steps to get everything arranged.