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TOEFL Training

TOEFL normally measures the ability to understand and use English, it assess how an individual can combine the language skills such listening reading, writing and speaking. The successful combination of these skills will help the students in carrying out the academic assignments which are offered at the university level.

Obviously the test is conducted in English language, it contains four sections with each testing a particular skill, and it takes four and half hours to complete the test, therefore during the test the student is supposed to take an hour for each skill.

Unlike those who sat for the test some years ago, the current students have an advantage since the organization offering the test has incorporated the different variety of English spoken in different parts of the world.

For those who would like to take the test, good preparation is required, there training which are available to prepare the student for this test. These test are available both online and offline. The training should touch on all the four areas which are tested , special attention should be paid to listening and speaking ,one should take note not to combine the variety of English spoken in different parts of the world as this would have an impact in mastering of the language.

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