There are two categories of Student Visa, X1 and X2, X1 category is for those students who intend to stay in China for a period of less than six months while X2 is for those who intend to be in China for a period of more than six months.

The requirements for getting this type of Visa are:

A valid passport which must be at least 6 months before expiry and has blank pages for affixing of Visa, a photocopy of the same and a photo page must also be availed at the time of application.

The applicant needs to fill in the application form, affix colour photo which has a full face and bare head and against a white or light background.

One must also produce a proof of residence or basically legal stay if one is applying in a country which he or she is not a citizen, other document which should be produced for this type of an applicant include the original and copy of the valid visa of the stay in the residence country as well as a student or employment status

You will also be required to submit the admission letter

To allow the processing, it is advisable that a student who is intending to travel to China applies some days before the actual day of travel to ensure there are no delays, as at times the high number of applications lead to delays which can inconvenience the student.