TOEFL is a test that those who are not native English speakers sit to ascertain their proficiency of the language. It is provided by the Education Testing Services an organization in United States of America. This test is mandatory for non-English speaker who are seeking college admission in English speaking nations. The test is the most common when it comes to assessing the proficiency levels of the English language. It is well recognized in more than nine thousand educational institutions all over the world. The test is conducted in more than thirty countries including the US, China and Australia. The test is mandatory for the international students, it serves as a prove that their language proficiency levels.

The test is normally administered to those who will apply the English language as a medium in their programs. It gives the students the skills and tools which will help them improve the language. It is normally applied online at various testing centers; also the paper and pencil version is also available. The internet based test is taken online for over fifty sessions a year at authorized sites across the globe. In places where internet is not available those who would like to sit for the test are normally given the paper based version. Current statistics indicate that more than 27 million people who are seeking high education places in places where English is the main language of instructions have sought this test. It is also a requirement for those who are seeking visa to enter some of the English speaking nations.

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