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Private course

Student intending to take a TOEFL test have an opportunity to enroll for private course to make sure they are well prepared. The test is offered both online and offline. In some places it may take as less as four weeks while in others it may even take one whole year. The duration taken will largely be determined by the ability of the student to grab the concepts. It will also be determined on whether the student has a prior understanding of the language. The longer it takes to complete the preparations, the higher the charges.

In the course of preparation, the instructions are normally geared towards helping the students to master the four skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening. When the instructions are on a one on one basis, the student may clear the preparation first, the process may be fast paced as the student will utilize the available time to understand all there is with the guidance of the instructor. It is worth noting that private course preparation does not focus on language acquisition, it is mainly to help the student prepare for the TOEFL test, if the student does not have a basic understanding of the language it will be necessary to seek assistance on that area.

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