Doing an internship in China is a great way to get professional experience working with companies that will offer you real life knowledge and training. What an awesome experience to add to your portfolio, with the possibility of being hired full time with a company, or taken your experience into your life. While living in a country with a history that spans 5000 years, living amongst the locals and learning their culture, holidays, food to name a few, as well as using the language in day to day life, you improve your professional outlook. Today’s technology is taking the world full speed into the future, one way to stay connected and be in demand, is being able to speak and understand the Chinese language, when negotiating in life it will be an added advantage to any portfolio. When combining education and business with Chinese Mandarin is absolutely the best decision one could make, as China is one of the largest trading partners of many countries; as well as many international companies do business in China and have long term investments there. You will learn so much being an intern, the companies will also learn from you on many levels; lessons to last a lifetime.