HSK, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is an internationally accredited standardized test which evaluates the rate of an individual level proficiency in Chinese language. The test assesses the non native Chinese speakers ability to use the Chinese language in their day to day communication as well as at the academic and professional platforms. The exam is mainly aimed at placing an individual at the place where they are deemed to be as far as the proficiency of the language is concerned. There are continuous exams which are undertaken to help in assessing the progress as far as understanding the language is concerned. HSK basically measures the proficiency level of the learner and many universities around China use it as a guideline for admission. A certificate is issued at each level indicating that the learner has meet the requirements for a particular level and has been accorded permission to continue to the next level. The test will also come in hand when looking for a job in China and also in other countries where Chinese language skills may be a requirement.

HSK test comes into two, the written and oral test, this is meant to show an understanding or ability to read and write using the language, it also tests the learn capability in communicating effectively.