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How Do Chinese People Have Fun?

Chinese people have definitely different habits compared to people in Western countries. If Westerners like going out for a drink and a chat with friends, Chinese people don’t. They prefer spending their free time outdoors, going to the park to fly kites, singing, tai chi and public dancing and playing dice, cooking together. Parks are filled with people from dawn until dusk.

KTV (karaoke television) is extremely popular in the whole China, to people of all the ages. Besides singing KTVs may offer a wide range of other amenities: drinking, eating, dancing, playing games. This is an ideal place for people to meet with friends, colleagues or clients.

Table tennis
Table tennis and badminton are two of the top pingpong – CulturalPair sports in China. Parks and gyms have table tennis set-ups. Parks also host free badminton courts, but the experienced player tends to avoid these due to the wind. Chinese companies sometimes rent out badminton courts for their employees to play after work.

Kites have a colorful history from the days of ancient China through modern times and around the world. The origin of the Chinese kite is synonymous with the origin of the kite. As mentioned, Chinese people love to go to the park. In China, cities have usually many parks where people can relax and escape the bustle of the city for a few hours. It’s pretty common to go to the park and see beautiful kites flying. You may assist to a wonderful kite show every day. Chinese – kite – culturalpair

Mahjong is a favorite cultural activity for many Chinese people, specifically the elderly. It is played by four people sitting around a square table. Tiles are used in place of traditional playing cards, and the goal is to be the first player to get a complete hand by making four sets of three and a pair. Mahjong is played casually and also competitively, by placing bets on each hand. In China, it is common to see tables erected in shady village squares or in parks. Business-minded families set up Mahjong tables in their homes to rent out to players.

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