The homestay hosts are people who have chosen to live with foreign students as they value intercultural exchange. These are people who enjoy spending time with foreign students or basically new family members. The fact that they have embraced intercultural environment means that they are comfortable living with a person from different parts of the world. These are people who are interested in meeting new people and learning their ways of life. They go through a vetting process to ensure that the homes where the students will choose have a conducive environment.

There are a diversity of home stays, there are those where families have children, some and single parents, couples and a variety of combinations. The host may be a local or a foreigner like you, if the host have, they children may be young or grown up. There can also be an element of intercultural mix.

The host normally receives some basic subsidy to cover the living expenses while you are living with them, therefore you will not be required to pay for the services that the family accord you.

You will basically find families which are welcoming, respectful and accommodating at the same time. You stay in China as a foreign student will be smooth. With the home stay host, you will be in a home away from home.

The student has a chance to choose his or her host but generally all those families which have accepted to take in a foreign student and live with him or her, are people who are willing to help a student to have a good start in China and provide an environment which will make them feel at home.