In the homestay arrangement, both parties have roles and responsibilities which they are supposed to play. The host family on its part is supposed to make sure that the foreign student is comfortable as long as they are in under their care. The host family is charged with the role of ensuring that the student is familiarized with the surrounding. To ensure that the student is comfortable, the family is supposed to provide the foreign student with the basic requirement .The family provides a room where the student sleeps and at the same time a place where they can study. Food is also another aspect that a host family out to take care of. They normally provide breakfast and supper and since the student will be away during the lunch hour, this meal can be taken care of by the student.

The family is also supposed to provide the student with an atmosphere which is conducive to learning. This involves offered the facilities which will are geared toward providing that environment.

The student on his or her part is charged with the role of respecting the host. He or she ought to be accommodative and at times gives the family some space to do their things.