If you are interested in getting university education in China and have a solid foundation to allow smooth transition and running of the university program, you may need to enroll in the high school. Starting your education at high school level in China gives you an advantage since you will be well prepared before joining the university. When you start at this level you will have been in the country for long allowing you to familiarize with the environment and culture. You will have learnt Chinese Mandarin which will make your daily conversations smooth. You will also have familiarized with the surrounding, making it easy to get your way around.

With a high school admission, you will also be introduced to a Chinese way of learning and education at an early age. Getting a high school admission in China is easy; you only need to look for schools which are offering high school education to the international students. Most of them offer instructions both in English and Chinese. Choose a right environment that will allow you to learn the local language which will increase your chances of transiting from high school to university.  Choose an area that is convenient to you, select a school that offers competitive and allows a foreign student to easily adopt to a new culture.