Is there an age limit for a student who would like to study in China?
There is no age limit; those intending to study in China high school system only need to show that they have the necessary qualification.

Will I get a high school where instructions are in English?
There are several high schools in China offering education to the international students, the mode of instruction in most of these schools is English. Where Mandarin Chinese is used as the instructional language the student have a chance to learn the language and also apply it in different context.

If I do not have a relative in China, will I be allowed to study in the country?
If the student is less than eighteen years he or she will be required to identify a guardian, this is the person who will act as a parent, it can be a relative or any other person identified for such a role.

Will I get boarding facilities in the high school which I select?
In most cases , high school offers boarding facilities within the school, therefore the student will not be required to make arrangement for own stay.