1. Why do I need to learn Mandarin?

This will help you in navigating your way in the country, the skills will make you an asset, businesses which are targeting the Chinese market or partners will need your skills. Learning the language will put you in the world platform, you will be able to communicate with more than one billon people. You also become a multi lingual global citizen.

  1. How will learning Chinese culture help me as a student?

You will find your stay in the country easy given that you understand the peoples’ ways of life

  1. What is HSK?

HSK, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is an internationally accredited standardized test which evaluates the rate of an individual level proficiency in Chinese language

  1. What is the purpose of HSK test?

The test assesses the non native Chinese speakers’ ability to use the Chinese language in their day to day communication as well as at the academic and professional platforms.

  1. What does the test involve?

HSK test comes into two, the written and oral test, this is meant to show an understanding or ability to read and write using the language, it also tests the learn capability in communicating effectively.

  1. What is a summer camp and how is it important for my children?

Summer camp is a great way through which children can learn a new language and at the same time discover new places, make friends and have great fun. The event help children from different culture mix and play together and have an experience which they may not have a chance to get from anywhere else.