Universities’ Application Fee: From 80 to 120 USD depending on schools and types of courses. There are several ways you can choose to make the payment.

Pre-departure Expenses

Medical examination fee: Chinese government requires international students who wish to study in China for more than 6 months to do a medical examination. You are asked to present your medical examination record when applying a Chinese student visa. Consult your local hospital to know the exact examination fee. In China, it usually costs around 100 USD to do the medical examination in an official hospital. Do physical examination and get your Physical Examination Record will tell you more about Medical examination.

Visa fee: Differ from country to country; you can consult the nearest Chinese embassy for details.

Air ticket: Different airlines and countries have different prices, so please contact the local tickets office for details.

University Expenses

In order to register in your school, you are required to pay the following fees including tuition fee, accommodation fee, insurance fee and medical examination fee (if you are required to do it in a local hospital). The chart below shows the tuition of Chinese universities’.

The General Tuition Fees (each field per year)

Medical field -English-Taught – 2200-7000 USD/year
Chinese-Taught – 3000-6000 USD / year
Engineering field -English-Taught- 2200-6000 USD / year
Chinese-Taught – 2000-5000 USD / year
Business &Managementfield     English-Taught – 2000-6000 USD / year
Chinese-Taught – 1500-5000 USD / year