What is Homestay

With accommodation being a challenge especially to foreign students, home stay has become a popular alternative. This is an arrangement where a foreign students lives with a local family as a guest for a specified period. The host provides the foreign students with all the basic needs; this includes a room, food and a space where they can do their studies. As the times go by the host and the student get to know each other more, the foreign students becomes a part of the family. Apart from providing the basic needs, the host family has to ensure that the student is comfortable; it also helps the student to familiarize him or her self with the local environment.

Home stay gives the student an opportunity to adapt to the China’s way of life easily, since one becomes a member of the host family, they will teach you all that there is to know. You will learn their culture through observing, they will teach you the language and more importantly your way around the town. With a home stay your stay in China becomes easy; you do not struggling finding your way out. You are allowed to use the facilities which are owned by the family including the cars or bicycles.

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