Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa, L is issued to those people who intend to visit China for the purposes of sight-seeing and touring. To get this kind of Visa one must show proof that they have a flight ticket which in this case should be a return ticket. Other forms of travel confirmation are also allowed in case somebody does not intend to fly. One will also be required to produce hotel reservation document. One can also produce a letter of invitation from a relevant entity within China; this invitation should have the full details of the application, information regarding the planned visit such as the day the visitor will arrive, the departure date, the placed to be visited and other relevant information. The information of the inviting entity should also be included in the applicant invitation document; such details will include the name and contact. This type of a Visa allows a visitor to be in the country for a limited period of time, the duration normally ranges between thirty to sixty days. To get this type of a Visa one must apply normally through the embassy, consulate or an appointed agent. Single, double and multiple entries are all available for this class of visitors.

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