Test Preparation

Given that there are fifty tests which are offered in a year, the student who would like to sit for the TOEFL test has an opportunity to select the most convenient period. It is recommended that any student who is required to take this test have a thorough preparation. The four areas which are tested include: writing, speaking, listening and reading, these are the four skills which one needs to master the language.

To prepare for the test, a student can either use online or offline platforms, this will depend on the available time and also on the fact whether they have access to a given facility. Watching videos either online or offline has been known to be one of the most effective ways of TOEFL preparation, it gives the student an all round preparation, touching on all the areas or skills.

TOEFL preparation is intensive, it normally combines 20 general English lesson and 10 which are mainly focusing on the preparation of the test. The preparation takes care of both the internet and paper based tests.

For Thorough preparation, those who intend to sit for this test are advised to seek more information from the official website of the makers of TOEFL, English Test Services.


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