Teaching Locations

China is an amazing country with a lot to offer. There are big international cities where you can feel western influence but there are also smaller cities where Chinese culture and history is visible everywhere you go. Choosing the right city can be hard and it depends on your preferences, opportunities, weather – south of China is quite hot, on contrary the north of China quite cold during winter, habits and a choice to make whether to live a life surrounded by real Chinese culture or have some chance to run away from Asian culture from time to time.

We will help you and assist you with choosing the teaching  locations in China that will give you the best experience for your future and a live that you will be happy about; communicating your needs as to where you would like to work. You can start looking over the map of China and all the amazing cities, find out what each one has to offer; that will give you some thought on where to start you new adventure in China.

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