Teaching English

Although English is widely spoken around the world, but as China was isolated from western influence for many years, there are still a lot of people whose English level is not very high. They are seeking for  English tutors who can help them to improve their basic English, business English (necessary for daily work in big cities in China), conversational English to be able to communicate with foreigners, as the number of foreigners coming to China has been rising steadily. Also almost every Chinese parents wants their children to get in touch with English from the early age. In conclusion, there are numerous English training centers, English kindergartens, private tutoring companies, high schools which are in need of foreigners speaking fluent English.

As a future English teacher you will have plenty of possibilities to decide where to teach. It depends on your abilities, skills, proved certificates, interest in teaching kids, youngsters or adults, group teaching or one-to-one teaching. We can help you to choose the most suitable place and position according to your needs and capabilities so that you can make the most from your stay in China.

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