Responsibilities of a Demi Pair is to follow what the host parents want for their child/children, with a schedule of 15 hours a week; allowing you to spend this time with the child/children, as well as completing your classes, with no stress. Your day will have a variety of responsibilities, preparing and assuring the child/children, get meals and snacks, help with their school work, entertain them with games, play with them, read them a book and spend time with them until their parents return home. As a Demi Pair, your host parents will have faith in your ability to follow the schedule which they have set for their child/children; if at any time you feel uncomfortable please voice your opinion and discuss it with them. As a Demi Pair you become part of the family, the parents are your parents while you are there, the child/children are your brothers and sisters, show them that you are responsible and dependable to arrive at the time agreed upon and performing the duties your host parents have set. This is a great way to become well rounded in the Chinese culture as you will be involved in family holiday’s special events and gatherings. You will be paid for your responsibilities, you will occasionally help with some household work, as well as helping to prepare meals from time to time, the same as when you are in your own home.

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