There are certain rules that govern volunteerism, it is important to meet the requirement to avoid problems with the authorities. In terms of age, a volunteer is supposed to be more than eighteen years old by the time they are starting the program, anybody who is below this age is not allowed to participate in the program.

It is mandatory for the volunteers to have the necessary papers; if they are foreigners the visa ought to be valid and any other license or permit which is required in the field must be available. The policy also indicates that any volunteering should produce a latter from the physician or a medical certificate which declares them fit to engage in work or activities which they are volunteering. If you are going to work with the members of the society especially the elderly and the children you must not have a disease which can be transmitted.

All volunteers are required to have travel insurance; this will cater for their bills in case of any misfortune. It is also a requirement for any volunteer to provide a background check, to show that they do not have a criminal record.

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