Our First Offline Activity

Last weekend, we had our first try on offline activity. Thanks for host parents and au pairs sparing their time to attend this activity.The atmosphere is so liven up as children are so active and happy. Thanks lovely children for giving us such an unforgetable memory.Au pairs in China is more like a tutor who teach children not only language, but how to behave themselves. Like companions in their growth. Nowadays, parents suffer from social pressure, they cannot spare too much time playing with their kids and they are worried ahout grandparents indulging children. Au pairs now play an important role to help children grow up in the right way. To have good manners, to be independent, to respect others and so on. To some extent, we are all gardeners who can cultivate and children are flowers who are waiting for blossom. It is such a moving thing to see children grow up in a healthy and

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