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Living as an Au Pair in China

Our Au pair Arianna, 27, Italy talks about her experience in Weihai, China.

Weihai – Shandong province – it’s the major eastern harbor in China and one of the favorite seaside location by Chinese people.

Why did you choose Au pair program in China?
I chose this program because it is a beautiful solution to whom is willing to stay in China and wishes to deeply discover it’s customs and traditions. It can offer an opportunity to learn the Chinese language and the culture directly “in the field”.  I needed to start a new experience which could allow me to grow and to get more awareness while learning a fascinating language.

Have you traveled while being an Au pair in China?
While working as an Au pair, it could happen that the family may ask  you to travel with them. In my case, I’m curious and I love to see other places, but I  really like Weihai, the city where I live.

Do you like Chinese food? Name some favorite ones.
I do like Chinese food, it’s very delicious, but there are some dishes of which the taste is too strange, for example I’ve tried silkworms: not too bad, but I prefer dumplings, of course!

Have you experienced a cultural shock in China? Could you give an example?
China is very different from Western countries, in general I don’t really like some habits that Chinese have (for example to spit out in public or to throw rubbish on the street) but beyond this, they are very hospitable, kind and caring, whereas Westerners tend to be more individualist.

Do you have any advice for future Au pairs coming to China?
My advice for the future Au pairs: leave your country with a very open mind and be strong. This experience is as arduous as useful and fascinating. You will encounter difficulties but what you will get in return is priceless.

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