Living as An Au Pair in China – Veronica’s Story

Have you been thinking about coming to China as an Au pair but you are still worried or scared of a very different country such as China? Read this interview with one of our Au pairs and maybe it will help you to decide.

Veronica,23, a very nice and friendly girl from Mexico, is an Au pair in Jiaxing, a city close to Shanghai. When I met her at our office for the first time, she was not used to so many things in China – Chinese food, people’s habits, Chinese language, transportation, a lot of people everywhere. Now, a couple months later, she knows how to order things in “Taobao” (a Chinese website for online shopping) and enjoys trying Chinese specialties.

Here is a short interview we took with Veronica.

   What do you think about the Au pair program in China?

It is a great opportunity to open your mind about how the life in China is different than the one in your country. Culture, the way people meet, talk, spend their free time.

    Why did you choose Au pair program in China?

Before coming to China I believed that it is an amazing country and now I know China is really indeed one wonderful land, it has a beautiful culture and the people are great.

    Have you traveled while being an Au pair in China? What is your favorite place in China?

Yes, a little bit. China is very big and you need a lot of time to travel around. I like Wuzhen very much, it is an old city and it is a beautiful place to visit.

    Do you like Chinese food? Name some favorite ones!

I love Chinese food. I love dumplings, noddles and the hotpot.

    What is the most “interesting” food you have tried in China so far?

The most interesting food I have tried in China is chicken feet.

  Do you have any advice for future Au pairs coming to China?

Don’t be scared to try new things, to taste new food, to meet new people. And try to learn as much as you can, enjoy every day like it would be the last one.

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