Learn a lesson from the Ants

You may ask yourself how lesson and ants fit into one sentence. Well it is believed that ants are a wise group or crowd as they are referred to. Aside from research, our own observation of ants has lead numerous of us to see the wisdom of this colony irrespective of their size. Allow me to introduce you to an ant.

The ant is of the family formicidae, categorized along side the wasps and bees. Ants are referred to as a crowd or colony because they form colonies ranging in size, almost all the colonies with have the presence of a male figure who is fertile and is called “Drones”, there also a presence of a fertile female referred to as ” Queens”. The term relating to queen ants is not that of governmental role but because the role of the female is egg laying and they therefore take the title of “Mother Ant”, and their life span runs up to 15 years as oppose to male ants who live for a shorter period.

Ants cooperate as a colony, to a point that an ant alone in singular form is less effective to when they are in collective form, they are most likely to perform complex tasks. A colony survives through working together and this encompasses communication. Ants have a great deal of communication skills, they communicate through chemicals called pheromones, which assist them in following each other to a piece of food in order to bring it back to the nest.

As per the title of the article, human nature has a lot to learn from the Ants colony because they posses wise qualities and the following are attributes of Ants that we can put to use for the successful accomplishments of our tasks.

√ Ants are hard workers, and in a general form they say hard work pays off.

√ Ants are supportive and Helpful to one another, they exercise sharing amongst themselves, despite the challenge posed to them of death,they collectively engage in a task be it collecting food or building their nests.

√ Ants are protective toward each other and this means unto death for them which is unfortunate.

√ They feed one another, which again brings out the quality of sharing. They call each other when they find food and they become a colony.

√ They work collectively

√ They posses incredible strength, for their size they can pick up things that are three times bigger then they are,its also a sense of bravery and self belief.

√ Ants are persistent, they overcome size obstacles and others posed to them, when carrying masses of food back to their nest for a given season.

√ They are a focused, they come out for a mission and that is what they do till they go back into their nests.

Other teachings from Ants are that of punctuality, which brings out the term the sooner the better. There is a lot we can learn from ants and put to use in our daily lives, in the success of our businesses, in the fulfilment of our goals it all boils down to hard work and being focused. If you want to accomplish things with success, refrain from being a dead fish, communication is key, Learn a lesson from the Ants, observe them and be inspired by their tiny selves at work.

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