Frequently Asked Questions

Why the internship in China is a great opportunity for you?

Studying in China gives you an experience that you may not find anywhere else, an internship in the same place exposes you to an environment which will help you understand the country and its people better. You can get a practical experience on how companies and business operate in the country and gain a real working experience, something that will come as a benefit in your future career. Besides, nowadays China is one of the economical leaders and companies compete to be able to make business with Chinese companies.

What are some of the latest internship programs?

You can get internship in various fields such as financial institutions, banks, information, communication and technology firms, non governmental organization, education institutions, marketing and administration internships. The intern only needs to select an area which you are interested in.

Am I required to pay any fees to do an internship?

In some companies you may be required to pay, if you used an agent to get an internship, you will be required for the placement. In some companies no fees are charged. Sometimes you may need an internship in a particular area, especially where somebody will be dedicated to teach you and guide you through the work, in such an arrangement you may be required to pay.

Will I get paid during the internship period?

All of our internships are paid. The salary varies and it depends on what field you are working in.

How do I stand to gain from an internship in China?

You will get a real working experience, interact with people in your field, learn how business and companies operate and you get an insightful on what to expect in future. It is also a good opportunity to build networks; they will come in hand when you are looking for a job in future. It also gives a chance to learn a people’s way of lives. In this case you will be meeting people from a different environment, you have only been used to student but now you have an opportunity to interact with diverse people.

Is there any age limit for participating in this program?

The age limit for this program is from 18 to 29 years old.

Do I have to be a student to apply for this program?

There is no such a requirement. The program welcomes students as well as young professionals willing to get experience while working in China.

Do I need to speak Chinese to work as an intern in China?

The job itself doesn’t require speaking Chinese for being able to work and fulfill tasks on daily basis.

For how long can I apply for this internship program and when can I start?

The candidate can apply for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. As this is not a seasonal job, you can start any time.




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