Host Families

A family that is working on their career, dealing with life and children at times needs an assistant; they may apply to become part of a program where they become the host family, inviting a foreign young individual to live in their home as a family member. The individual becomes an Au Pair while staying in the host families home, boarding and food are free along receiving pocket money. The host family, the Au Pair and the agency have contracts which state all the obvious agreements, between each party.

Our Chinese host families are chosen very carefully and we guarantee that the family will provide you with your private room, internet connection and other necessary things needed for every day life. The host families are aware of potential cultural differences between them and the Au Pairs and they are more than wiling to learn about the other cultures as well. Host families in China will give you protection and treat you like a real member of their family, they will create a new home for you in China. At least one member of the family must be able to speak English or any other language of interest spoken by Au Pair. Family members will respect your private space and listen to your needs.

We will assist Au Pair in connecting with a host family in China, first communication will be held trough emails and video conference, after mutual agreement there will be a Skype call between the Au Pair and a host family. Once everyone is agreed on the match, the Chinese host family will make preparations for the Au Pair to come. The host family will communicate details with the Au Pair assuring that they know what is important for their travels and stay in their home.

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