Healthy Diet

Diet is an important component of an individual health, what we eat largely determines our health status. As a student, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet, therefore it is important to ensure that the selected school offers a healthy diet to its students. As a foreign student, you may be interacting with the Chinese culture for the first time, therefore you may find that the type of diets or food that is taken here, is quiet different from what you are used to. It is important to make sure that the school you have selected offers a variety of meals to cater for each student needs. The student must approach the situation with an open mind, he or she should be willing to sample different foods, this will not only make the student adopt easily but they will be in a position of getting nutrients from different sources.

A healthy diet should include all the nutritional requirement of a student, given the age, there should be enough protein and energy giving food. Schools in urban areas will most provide a variety of diet, easily accommodate the student needs. It is important to establish well enough whether the school provides a variety and if not, whether they are willing to accommodate the student unique needs.

The cost of diet also needs to be put into consideration, it should be something that the student can afford , it should also be available at convenient times such that the student does not miss meals when they are busy in class.

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