Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to have a visa to enter China as a student?

Yes to be allowed to enter China a student, you need a Student Visa

Where do I apply for a student Visa?

You can apply for a student Visa at the Chinese Embassy, consulate or from an appointed agent in your area.

If I intend to travel to China for a short course do I still need a Visa?

Yes you will still need to apply for a Visa; there are normally two classes of Student Visa, X1 and X2. If you intend to be in China for a period less than six months, you need to apply for X1.

What Kind of Visa do I need if I intend to be China for more than six months?

You will need an X2 Visa if your studies will be more than six months.

What are the requirements for application of the China Visa?

To apply for a student Visa you will need to produce an admission letter and a valid passport. If you are applying from a country where you are resident, you need to produce documents which show you are legally in the country.

How long does it take for the student Visa to be processed?

The duration will normally be determined by the workload at the embassy or consulate, it normally takes four days but the period may be longer when there are many applicants, therefore it is important to apply well in advance to make sure that your travel and reporting in your university is not affected

Do I need to travel to the embassy or consulate to get the Visa?

The embassy or consulates do not accept mailing applications, they require the applicant to appear in person, and one can also apply through an agent. At some point one will be interviewed therefore it is mandatory to be at the embassy or consulate at the time of application.


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