Tips and Tricks for Filipino Nannies

For parents having the best nanny for their children is key point, and as we venture into our new program which the Filipino Nanny Program. We do right by our new candidates to share a few tips and tricks on how to excel in their job.

The Filipino Nanny is assigned to the following responsibilities

  • Prepare meals and cleaning afterwards
  • Making school lunches
  • Helping with bath time
  • Driving children to school and  activities
  • Helping with homework and tutoring
  • Doing kids laundry
  • Keeping kids rooms clean and tidy

To fulfill such responsibilities of caring for youngest member of a family one must always or ensure that they remain present in every moment and always lively. The following tips on mastering your job as a nanny will be helpful to you if you are Filipino and you have considered to be a participant in our program.

  • Create and Maintain consistency with parents wishes and expectations on your daily routines, and this is best achieved through communication. The need to create a bond through understanding each other will make both parties happy.
  • Keep it Fresh , if you have worked with children before you would know that kids like to stay interested and to always achieve that kind of attitude from them, you as a nanny must always be open to new ideas of activities that best suit the interests of the kids you are caring for
  • Allows Maintain a Balance, children can adapt to a new individual very easily which means you can easily switch from being a stranger they are afraid to approach to being a friend, but to maintain a balance of being a friend to the kids and being a secondary authority in the house , you must know when is it appropriate to run around, switch to silly play mode and when to switch back into being a disciplinarian. This will allow the nanny & child relationship bond to not only be based on friendship and fun but also have a level of respect.
  • Be Ready to Go Above and Beyond, Try your best to move away from the ” its not my job” kind of attitude, because the failure and success of anything in life stems from a persons attitude on how they approach everything. We are not saying slave here but should you be asked to do a little extra when it comes to your responsibilities, do it with pleasure go and extra mile,don’t sigh. Your attitude is very much clear to your employer and we can never know the reward of the kind attitude you display.
  • Be Sensitive & Respect Boundaries, Always be patient and be aware of the fact that you are present in another families home, in which they are raising their children in and have accommodated you into their private and personal space, always remember that which you came for, and that is the children,put them first, be patient,be respectful of set rules in the home and  both parties will be happy.
  • Be Positive, remember a sunny smile and cheery attitude is contagious. That which you give out is that which you will receive in return, move from an ” I will try” to an “I will” kind of approach. Before bringing a problem to employ try to find solution yourself, and if you do bring it be sure to take your hosts views and opinions and share your own with an open mind.

Looking forward to welcoming our Filipino Nannies and hope these tip will be put into action, we can also learn from you as you can learn from us!!

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