Fascinating Mongolian Culture

If anything one would be fascinated by the sight of Mongolian Women’s attire alone, and be eager to find out more about the culture itself, well here goes.

Mongolia is located deep within eastern Asia, between Russia and China. Mongolian culture is highly influenced by Mongol nomadic lifestyle,which relied on their animals for survival and moved their habitats several times a year, they are constant immigrants.

Approximately 3 million people live in Mongolia and of that estimation about 25 to 40 percent of them still live that nomadic lifestyle but big city lights still continue to attract many of them to move away from horses and goats.

Mongolians have their own traditional social customs ad etiquette which consist of the upholding of honesty,courtesy and hospitality. A guest in their homes is welcomed with a hand shake and served a bowl of milk tea.

The fascination lies mostly on their adornment, they find a way to adapt to natural conditions and have yet developed natural costumes of loose sleeved tunic and long sash with Mongolian boots,with head dress. The women are sure to adorn themselves with head wraps made of pearls ,coral and gem forming beautiful patterns. Their attire is customized by high color robe with long loose sleeves ,matched with a sash worn around the waist. The attires are made suitable for horse riding made of silk and satin.

Mongolians have many customs and superstitions namely the fact of being afraid of misfortune and belief in good and bad omens.
They believe the most endangered member of their families are their children, who there by were given “non names” such as Nergui meaning Mongolian without a name, but each name imparted the child’s character,fate and destiny. Present day too the name represents qualities like strength and solidity for boys and beauty in the case of girls.

One of their superstitions is that of deceiving evil spirit by painting young children’s forehead with charcoal when going out at night misleading a evil spirit into believing what is seen before its eyes is a rabbit with black hair and not a child.

Mongolian cuisine is primarily inclusive of meat and spices,which vary from one region to the next,within the 20th century vegetation become part of their diet.

There area many factors of interest that can draw you to Mongolian culture,but the beauty lies in the fact that you can meet people of the nationality who reside in China,which is where one found fascination in this ethnic group.

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