Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student select the host family?

The student is allowed to select their host family upon request. During the application process the student is asked to give all the necessary details pertaining to their needs. The student may have certain preferences; this means that a host family must meet those attributes. In other cases, the student just states the needs and we match the student with the kind of family that he would like to stay with.

Can my freedom be curtailed by the host family?

Normally the host families are very accommodating, the fact that they are willing to stay with somebody who is totally a stranger to them is an indication that they will accord the level of the freedom needed. It is also important for the student to limit the freedom, in such a case you should respect your host and refrain from engaging into activities which they may be offensive to the host

What kind of host families can I expect?

The families are diverse; they could be single parents, couples, a family with no young children or one with grown up. One should select the kind of families chosen fits the needs and preferences of a student.

I am I supposed to pay anything to be enrolled in a homestay program?

There are some programs which are absolutely free while others one is supposed to pay some fee.

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