Frequently Asked Questions

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL is a test that those who are not native English speakers sit to ascertain their proficiency of the language. It is provided by the Education Testing Services an organization in United States of America. This test is mandatory for non-English speaker who are seeking college admission in English speaking nations.

Is TOEFL a requirement in Chinese University?

For international students who will be attending universities or programs which are offered in English this test is required.

When can I do the test?

The test is offered more than 50 sessions in the course of the year, one only needs to register for a convenient sitting and enroll at an accredited center. The test is both internet and paper based; the student can select the convenient version.

Which areas does TOEFL test on?

TOEFL concentrates on four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking

Are there instruction materials that one can access in the course of preparation for the test?

One can get materials both offline and online, the instructional materials aim at helping the student polish up on the areas which are tested.

Does the course only help me to secure a place in the university?

Apart from helping the student to get a place in an institution or programs where English language is the mode of instruction, one also improves the study habits.

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