CulturalPair August 20, 2018

CulturalPair Shanghai welcomes the very first Indonesian nanny “Masdalena”


Masdalena, 23, from Indonesia.  Bachelors degree graduate. She was invited by the family from Hangzhou to work as a nanny with them.

Let us learn from her how she applied to our Program.

What was your first impression of our company?

My first impression, I’ve thought that its really good company I mean, for youngsters around the world it’s really good opportunity to join so I think the company really innovative to make this kind of program for youngster like me.

Can u tell us about your experience applying with our company?

 First , I just follow the instagram account of au pair shanghai but then I saw many story in the feed icon that’s make me more interesting to apply, then I apply first thru DM and one of you guys send me the form and the requirements thru email. I think it’s a really good opportunity, that’s really friendly and nice.

Do you believe that this program can help a lot of families and nannies? Why?

Yeah, Of course, I mean family now a days in the big city they really need help or I mean atleast that can count on with their children while they were busy at their work and provide English training for the children. We need that to improve the children, it’s literally edge for them and I think it’s really good, And for the nanny it really good for us that is a fun experiment. Maybe some like she’s just taking care of children. But it is really good for gaining experience and also you can learn something with that.

What is your rating of our company based on your experience 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest

I think the company worth the 5. Because I really feel the friendliness of you guys while responding to my questions. I met some mistake before but you know how to respond it well. I feel really good to be and it feels nice to be treated like that so I think 5

Any last message to our company, family and future applicant.

First for the company keep up the good work, and the family I hope, for all the family, host family can treat the aupair or the nanny  like their actual family member they have to know that we really come all the way from our home country and we need to feel home too in this place. So I really hope that host family can treat their aupair and nanny like their own family. For the future applicant, if you are now aged 18-25 and you already graduated and you think that you have nothing to do now, I really recommend you to apply with this program

Welcome to China Masdalena, enjoy your stay and we hope you will learn more about Chinese language and culture!

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