Cultural Care

When a foreign students just like anyone visiting a foreign land for the first time will experience culture shock. This is normally the case when one finds a way of life which is totally different from what you are used to. This involves finding types of foods which are different from what you take at home, practices which are unusual at home and so many other aspects. It is important for the student who is moving to china to familiarize him or herself with the culture which is bound to meet. This will give a clue as far as what is expected is concerned, with such kind of a background the level of shock will not be as high as it would have been if there are no preparation. Normally the host family will take upon the responsibility of caring for the student culturally; they have a chance to learn from the family. The students is taught the basic language which is used at these platforms. By the time the student is two years old in China he or she will master the basic language making communication easy. Cultural care may also come in different forms it mainly deals with the issues of interacting with others.

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