admin February 22, 2015

Columbian aupair in China

A brand new weekday for us, and we welcomed in new au pairs.One is Carolina from Columbia and she has been to China before. She traveled China for 20 days and went to Suzhou, Nantong, Shanghai and Beijing, all representitive cities in China. They must left an impression on her so that she is willing to be an au pair in China now.Before she came to China, Carolina had been teaching English to kids in pontifical Bolivarian School. She is a responsible, committed and independent person mostly account for her teaching experience. Carolina said what she likes most is making people laugh. She was once a member of the choir when she was at school so she learned some music relating courses. One thing she enjoys best is shareing time with kids, play with and learn from them. Carolina has a big family so she has the chace to grow surrounded by kids and have fun with them. Since Carolina has been in China for 20 days, she was deeply attracted by Chinese culture, she held the desire to be an au pair in China. She is willing to try Chinese lifestyle and know this ancient country in a better way.We all hope she will have an amazing experirence in China!

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