Chinese Cuisine

Chinese society has a fixed culture and their cuisine is the most important part of their culture. The cuisines originate from the different regions of China and from Chinese people who reside in different parts of the world.

The significance of the cuisine differs from province to province, it is based or decided upon their background and ethnic groups. Ingredients of each cuisine is dependant on the provinces geographical features which encompasses its mountains,rivers, forest, because the features will determine the availability of specific ingredients locally for their signiture styles and preference of preparing such cuisines.

The most praised cuisines are Chuan Lu,Yue and Huaiyang which are a representation of
West, East,North and South. In China there are 8 modern cuisines present in every meal of the day aside from their staple foods which are Rice,Bread and a Variety of Noodles.

The traditional aspect you find described in the cuisines by use of color,smell and taste as well as the appearance and nutrition of the food. The one thing about most Chinese cuisines is the health factor.

Come to China and experience the culture plus enjoy the different cuisines based on which ever province you reside.

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