Cell Phones – Their impact on society

Cell phones play a huge role in our lives, but over the years research has brought to light that cell phones are slowly causing a drift in communication. We live in a society where everyone is tweeting, emailing and writing on blogs, we have become so preoccupied with our cell phones that we have learnt to ignore the beauty of our surrounding, be it nature, friends, family even strangers.

Yes cell phones have given us a quicker and more effective way of communicating but it has also broken down our ability to hold face to face conversations, our ability to even build and maintain relationships, we even have lost the sense of being satisfied.

Study has shown that our constant reliance on cell phones has resulted to emotional, relationship and educational problems. We have moved from having realistic goals and working slowly on them to swimming in frustration,stress and anxiety because we see the picture perfect life communicated to us social media that we check and update every day of our lives, we endeavor to live those live ourselves,forgetting that filter can beautify everything which then saps us of the joy of satisfaction about life in general.

Our relationships are unfortunately made or broken by cell phone texting as we find ourselves interpreting texts that do not need any interpretation. Not only has texting broken communication with our partners, friends etc but has also robbed us of language, precisely English, because every word in the way if communicating via text is abbreviated, grammer and spelling automatically lost.

Texting has messed with our mental ability and emotional growth within communication, we are now unable to express ourselves face to face as effectively as we do behind our cell phones, we have become lazy to work and improves ourselves personality wise because why should we if we can paint a picture behind our cell phones that portrays a totally different person to when you are met physically.

Before cell phones many families survived and had strong genuine bonds, these days we host family gatherings so everyone can come and stare at their cell phones and good byes are said without having really held good conversations and strengthen bonds.

We can say no lose your cell phone and start a new life without it but we can only encourage you to use it wisely, take time to observe your surroundings and make it a point that not a moment in your life passes you by while you were too busy on your cell phone, to be present in that moment.

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