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Volunteer Teaching in China

Volunteer teachers in China are young individuals who enjoy traveling and helping others on many levels, while being able to enjoy China’s archeological and cultural wonders, the history, the food and all the amazing beautiful landscapes. Connect with us; we will assist you in connecting with different training centers, schools that accept volunteers, for a variety of opportunities, with educating children, teens and adults by using the English language. You will be able to discover what makes China so awesome, explore the sites, museums, gardens, learn more about the history; you will have the first hand on real life situations, as well as you will be a part of holiday celebrations, and learn more than you ever imagined about this wonderful country. This is a great experience to add to your professional portfolio, teaching conversational English to all ages, caring for children, making friends for life, sharing your life experience with them as you will also learn many things from them as well. If this sounds like something you would enjoy being a part of, contact us we will guide you through the steps to get everything arranged.


Communicate with your sponsors, there are many projects that will keep you as busy as you want to be; whether you want to be part of the education, assisting the teachers with the English language, or helping a family with caring for their child/children. You will have many opportunities to choose from; this can all be discussed with your sponsor, let them know what you are more interested in. There are a variety of projects from teaching children, teens and adults how to speak and use the English language, helping with childcare, educating individuals on making healthy lifestyle changes via health education, animal care, and international volunteer to name a few.

If you are a student, you have an opportunity to gain first hand work experience, you can volunteer in a project which is related to your area of specialization or interest. This will give you the real exposure; you will gain skills and at the same time know how to handle people from diverse backgrounds. This is a real opportunity for personal growth; you will not only be preparing yourself for future endeavors but also taking your time to experience different parts of China.

Get Involved

If you already live in China, as a student or working in a professional standing, this is a great way to be part of your local community; if you want to travel to China, to volunteer your education and experience, your sponsor will assist you with the information on what will be needed for you to arrive. Your sponsor will also let you know if there are available opportunities with help in travel, a place to live and meals; while you volunteer your time, helping others. Volunteering is a great way to get involved with the local community, helping on many levels, which allows you to learn more about the culture, food, environment, history, to name a few. It helps you to grow intellectually and also appreciate diversity. It is also a way of giving back to the society, having been a student in China, the community has helped you a lot. People have been welcoming, they have assisted you in different ways, through volunteering, you are giving back, helping those who may need your assistance in achieving various goals in life.

Getting involved in community project occupies a student, most of the times the student may have free time which if not utilized properly may lead to some mischief. There are several students who have fallen into mischief and other destructive habits due to failure to engage themselves in activities which help in occupying the mind. Volunteering in community programs not only keeps a student occupied but also equipping them with skills which are very vital in time management. Volunteerism offers an opportunity to make difference in the society, exposes a volunteer to diverse cultures and places and above all helps in gaining special skills.


Your sponsor will help you by connecting you with local schools, companies seeking volunteers in different cities, and provinces, many volunteers work in Shanghai, which is one of the fastest developing cities in the world; the demand for English teachers is high, although many schools are not able to hire native English speaking teachers. Many people who want to enjoy what China and its historical beauty, use volunteering as a way of enjoying the surrounding areas, while helping the locals with learning the English language, either in one of the schools, or while in a child care situation.


There are various organizations offering volunteering programs, a person who is looking to be engaged only needs to identify one which meets his or her needs. While selecting a volunteering program an individual ought to look at whether the organization is allowed to operate in the country. It must also be a credible organization, one that has been offering the services.


There are certain rules that govern volunteerism, it is important to meet the requirement to avoid problems with the authorities. In terms of age, a volunteer is supposed to be more than eighteen years old by the time they are starting the program, anybody who is below this age is not allowed to participate in the program.

It is mandatory for the volunteers to have the necessary papers; if they are foreigners the visa ought to be valid and any other license or permit which is required in the field must be available. The policy also indicates that any volunteering should produce a latter from the physician or a medical certificate which declares them fit to engage in work or activities which they are volunteering. If you are going to work with the members of the society especially the elderly and the children you must not have a disease which can be transmitted.

All volunteers are required to have travel insurance; this will cater for their bills in case of any misfortune. It is also a requirement for any volunteer to provide a background check, to show that they do not have a criminal record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any health risks involved?

Whereas the volunteers are advised to take the necessary vaccinations, it is also important to take precautions to avoid contracting diseases in the course of their volunteering; this is emphasized when one is working in areas which might be prone to communicable diseases. On the same note, people who have transmittable diseases are advised against volunteering until such a time when they are cured.

What health precautions should it take while volunteering?

You should not drink tap water; always ensure that what you are drinking is clean. You should not buy food from street vendors unless you are assured that it is prepared in clean environment. Take due diligence to ensure that your health is not compromised. It is also recommended that a volunteer should have a medical insurance which covers even when they are outside their country. Travel insurance will also be important in an event that there is an emergency medical evacuation.

How much money should I come with?

You will need some money to cater for various expenses that you might incur while volunteering in China. Although the program fee will cover most of the expenses, there are some things which are not included. You may need to have at least US $ 200-300 to cater for daily expenses.

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