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TOEFL is a test that those who are not native English speakers sit to ascertain their proficiency of the language. It is provided by the Education Testing Services an organization in United States of America. This test is mandatory for non-English speaker who are seeking college admission in English speaking nations. The test is the most common when it comes to assessing the proficiency levels of the English language. It is well recognized in more than nine thousand educational institutions all over the world. The test is conducted in more than thirty countries including the US, China and Australia. The test is mandatory for the international students, it serves as a prove that their language proficiency levels.

The test is normally administered to those who will apply the English language as a medium in their programs. It gives the students the skills and tools which will help them improve the language. It is normally applied online at various testing centers; also the paper and pencil version is also available. The internet based test is taken online for over fifty sessions a year at authorized sites across the globe. In places where internet is not available those who would like to sit for the test are normally given the paper based version. Current statistics indicate that more than 27 million people who are seeking high education places in places where English is the main language of instructions have sought this test. It is also a requirement for those who are seeking visa to enter some of the English speaking nations.

Private course

Student intending to take a TOEFL test have an opportunity to enroll for private course to make sure they are well prepared. The test is offered both online and offline. In some places it may take as less as four weeks while in others it may even take one whole year. The duration taken will largely be determined by the ability of the student to grab the concepts. It will also be determined on whether the student has a prior understanding of the language. The longer it takes to complete the preparations, the higher the charges.

In the course of preparation, the instructions are normally geared towards helping the students to master the four skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening. When the instructions are on a one on one basis, the student may clear the preparation first, the process may be fast paced as the student will utilize the available time to understand all there is with the guidance of the instructor. It is worth noting that private course preparation does not focus on language acquisition, it is mainly to help the student prepare for the TOEFL test, if the student does not have a basic understanding of the language it will be necessary to seek assistance on that area.

TOEFL Training

TOEFL normally measures the ability to understand and use English, it assess how an individual can combine the language skills such listening reading, writing and speaking. The successful combination of these skills will help the students in carrying out the academic assignments which are offered at the university level.

Obviously the test is conducted in English language, it contains four sections with each testing a particular skill, and it takes four and half hours to complete the test, therefore during the test the student is supposed to take an hour for each skill.

Unlike those who sat for the test some years ago, the current students have an advantage since the organization offering the test has incorporated the different variety of English spoken in different parts of the world.

For those who would like to take the test, good preparation is required, there training which are available to prepare the student for this test. These test are available both online and offline. The training should touch on all the four areas which are tested , special attention should be paid to listening and speaking ,one should take note not to combine the variety of English spoken in different parts of the world as this would have an impact in mastering of the language.

Test Preparation

Given that there are fifty tests which are offered in a year, the student who would like to sit for the TOEFL test has an opportunity to select the most convenient period. It is recommended that any student who is required to take this test have a thorough preparation. The four areas which are tested include: writing, speaking, listening and reading, these are the four skills which one needs to master the language.

To prepare for the test, a student can either use online or offline platforms, this will depend on the available time and also on the fact whether they have access to a given facility. Watching videos either online or offline has been known to be one of the most effective ways of TOEFL preparation, it gives the student an all round preparation, touching on all the areas or skills.

TOEFL preparation is intensive, it normally combines 20 general English lesson and 10 which are mainly focusing on the preparation of the test. The preparation takes care of both the internet and paper based tests.

For Thorough preparation, those who intend to sit for this test are advised to seek more information from the official website of the makers of TOEFL, English Test Services.


Course Fee

TOEFL fees are determined by two factors, first, the amount of money that one will be required to sit for the test and secondly the fees that a student will be required to pay in the course of preparation. The fee that ETS requires for the student to sit for the test remains constant unless the one registers later and a penalty of $ 35 is slapped. The private tuition fees will vary, the duration one takes to prepare for the test will determine the amount paid, there are those students who only need the minimum number of weeks to be ready for the test whereas there those who will need more time. Those who take longer will pay more while those who only need instructions for a few week ends up paying less. The student also needs to buy some materials such as videos to help in the preparation. The institution where the course is taken will also determine the course fee, different instructors are known to charge varying fees, and therefore one has to consider this during the selection process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL is a test that those who are not native English speakers sit to ascertain their proficiency of the language. It is provided by the Education Testing Services an organization in United States of America. This test is mandatory for non-English speaker who are seeking college admission in English speaking nations.

Is TOEFL a requirement in Chinese University?

For international students who will be attending universities or programs which are offered in English this test is required.

When can I do the test?

The test is offered more than 50 sessions in the course of the year, one only needs to register for a convenient sitting and enroll at an accredited center. The test is both internet and paper based; the student can select the convenient version.

Which areas does TOEFL test on?

TOEFL concentrates on four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking

Are there instruction materials that one can access in the course of preparation for the test?

One can get materials both offline and online, the instructional materials aim at helping the student polish up on the areas which are tested.

Does the course only help me to secure a place in the university?

Apart from helping the student to get a place in an institution or programs where English language is the mode of instruction, one also improves the study habits.

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