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High School

If you are interested in getting university education in China and have a solid foundation to allow smooth transition and running of the university program, you may need to enroll in the high school. Starting your education at high school level in China gives you an advantage since you will be well prepared before joining the university. When you start at this level you will have been in the country for long allowing you to familiarize with the environment and culture. You will have learnt Chinese Mandarin which will make your daily conversations smooth. You will also have familiarized with the surrounding, making it easy to get your way around.

With a high school admission, you will also be introduced to a Chinese way of learning and education at an early age. Getting a high school admission in China is easy; you only need to look for schools which are offering high school education to the international students. Most of them offer instructions both in English and Chinese. Choose a right environment that will allow you to learn the local language which will increase your chances of transiting from high school to university.  Choose an area that is convenient to you, select a school that offers competitive and allows a foreign student to easily adopt to a new culture.


Getting an admission for a high school in China should not be a daunting task; all you have to do is identify the school which offers the subjects which you may be interested in and also an institution which is located in an area which you find convenient. You need to make some inquiries so that as you decide on which school to take you are doing it on an informed platform.

Just like university admission, there is a need to shop around so that you can get an institution which is offering the most competitive rates. There is a need to know that international students will be charged different rates from the locals and the fees can vary from region to region, therefore it is important to compare what different schools are offering in a particular area.

If you are younger than eighteen years old, it is important to understand that you need to have a legal guardian while studying in China. Therefore as you make arrangement make sure you have fulfilled this requirement as it may stand on your way to getting high school admission in China.

If you have not learned Chinese Mandarin, you need to enroll in an institution which offers the language and at the same time offer instructions in English. International Baccalaureate (IB) programs can offer the best environment to international students. Here the students will get to learn in a language that they understand and at the same time learn the Chinese Mandarin in a local setting.


One of the main determinant factors when looking for a good learning institution is the amount of fees which are charged. The amount of fees will largely determine whether the institution is affordable or not. While it should not be the only factor into consideration, it will definitely determine the institution which is ultimately selected. High schools offering education to the international students are relatively higher in terms of amount of fees compared to other schools. This mainly due to the fact that they offer extra services to allow the international students fit well in the country.

It is important to make inquiries on the amount of fees which will be required before getting admission into a school. The prospective student also needs to establish what will be covered, having this information in hand will allow the student to plan ahead, avoiding issues which may arise in future.

In an ideal situation the fees should cover tuition and any other costs which will facilitate the student to learn smoothly. Meals and accommodation should also account for the part of fees which the student will be required to pay. If the student will not be boarding at the school, transport should be catered for.

The amount of fees required will vary from school to school; therefore it is important to establish what each school will be charging to allow the student to make an informed choice.

Quality Education

China is hailed as the hub of education in the world; it is the country with the highest literacy rates in the world, with the current estimates indicating figures of over ninety percent of literacy rate. Quality is emphasized at all levels right from the primary to tertiary levels. To ensure that there is quality education, the government has instituted measures. Right to the materials to the instructors, a thorough check is done regularly to ensure that the content which is delivered meets the highest standards. As an international student you are lucky since all the schools which offer education at this level strive to meet the highest quality needs, they are competing against each other and they would like to outdo each other so that they can remain attractive to the students.

When talking of quality education there are certain factors that one has to consider, the school must have enough facilities to facilitate the learning process for a student. The environment should be conducive; the school ought to have enough learning materials. The teachers also need to be highly trained, the institution needs to have been registered under the relevant bodies and met all the requirement as far as quality teaching is concerned. The emphasis should not only be on learning , other aspects of person’s development need to be considered. The school should help in nurturing the student talent and at the same time come up with an all grounded individual.


Notable high schools have campuses spread in different parts of the country; international students who would like to study in different areas other than the major cities will find that the schools which are located in these cities have campuses in different towns across the country. A student may want to study in an area away from the bustle and hustle of the city but still get the same quality, selecting campuses which are located in small cities or even in rural setting would be the ideal situation.

The popular high school have built campuses in different regions to cater for the students in these areas, the campuses maintain the same quality that is offered at the mother institution, therefore the students are guaranteed of getting good education.

Schools which admit international students have campuses in order to provide a convenient location for students who would like to get education in an environment which is conducive. When selecting a campus make sure you establish whether it will offer the kind of environment that you are looking for. As a student you have an opportunity to select either an urban or rural setting, the decision will be based on your preferences. If you are looking to study Chinese, an area where standard language is spoken will be the ideal situation. Select an area where the language you learn can apply to majority of the population.


One of the factors to consider when selecting a school or a campus is accommodation, it is important to learn that there are some schools which offer boarding facilities while others do not. As an international student you may need a school which is offering boarding facilities or if it does not, it should have an arrangement for accommodation; this makes it easy for student to learn. When we talk about accommodation, it should be all inclusive; the student should get meals and bed as well as other services which go along. It also ought to be affordable, as a student you will be looking for an accommodation which will not be a burden to your parents or guardian, you need a package which will allow them to pay for the fees as well as cater for other expenses without difficulties. The place which is selected should also be safe, as a foreign student you would like to have a place which will guarantee your safety. The environment should also be conducive to learning; it should be an environment where the student can learn people’s culture and the language as well.

If you opt to stay outside the campus, the place where you will be accommodated should be near the school; this will ensure that you are not late for your classes. Sometimes traffic jams can lead to a lot of stress, where you are stuck for hours. If you want to avoid this make sure you consider the means of transport while choosing an accommodation, if you get a place where you can walk or cycle that would be the most ideal location.

Healthy Diet

Diet is an important component of an individual health, what we eat largely determines our health status. As a student, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet, therefore it is important to ensure that the selected school offers a healthy diet to its students. As a foreign student, you may be interacting with the Chinese culture for the first time, therefore you may find that the type of diets or food that is taken here, is quiet different from what you are used to. It is important to make sure that the school you have selected offers a variety of meals to cater for each student needs. The student must approach the situation with an open mind, he or she should be willing to sample different foods, this will not only make the student adopt easily but they will be in a position of getting nutrients from different sources.

A healthy diet should include all the nutritional requirement of a student, given the age, there should be enough protein and energy giving food. Schools in urban areas will most provide a variety of diet, easily accommodate the student needs. It is important to establish well enough whether the school provides a variety and if not, whether they are willing to accommodate the student unique needs.

The cost of diet also needs to be put into consideration, it should be something that the student can afford , it should also be available at convenient times such that the student does not miss meals when they are busy in class.

Health Care

As a student you need a reliable health care program which can be utilized when you get sick. As an international student you may be required to have health care insurance as a prerequisite to entering the country. It is important to find out whether this is a requirement in the institution which you have selected. If you have a condition which requires constant medical attention, it is important to establish before hand whether the services which you will need are available. There are some schools which provide medical care to their students, while this may be a good arrangement you will need to establish whether you can access some specialized treatment, especially when you have a medical condition which needs constant checkups and appointments.

It is important to ensure that you are aware of the immunizations that should be undertaken before entering the country; this will help you in meeting the regulations or requirements as well as protecting yourself against possible health issues while in the country. If you are on any medication, ensure that you will access the drugs easily; you need to liaise with the school administration to make it easy for you to access medical care and treatment.

While in school, it is also important to provide the contacts of an individual who can be contacted when there is an emergency. All your medical details need to be given to allow the institution to provide the necessary assistance when needed.

Academic Life

Academic life in china is interesting, student gets to learn new languages and adopt different ways of living. The school life , first introduces a Chinese way of learning to a student , a program which is geared towards producing a well rounded individual , somebody who is ready to compete in the current world.

Students are assured of quality education, provided in a very conducive environment, by the time they clear their education, the student will have gained the necessary experience to allow them move to the next level.

Emphasis is not only on acquiring education, the system ensures that the student discover their talents early enough to allow them to develop it. The student engages in extra curriculum activities such as sports, arts among other activities. These are aimed to help a student to develop in all faculties, ultimately producing a well rounded individual. The academic life will also involve tours and excursions, these are meant to help the student interact with the environment, discover new places and at the same time helping the student relax after a hard duration in school.

International student will find in Chinese Academic life a valuable opportunity to expose themselves to a foreign culture, learn diverse ways of lives and appreciate the differences that exist. It will also be a form of preparation for future life in the country. Learning the Chinese Mandarin language will also put them at a very advantageous position especially when they seek employment in China or any other country which need such skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for a student who would like to study in China?
There is no age limit; those intending to study in China high school system only need to show that they have the necessary qualification.

Will I get a high school where instructions are in English?
There are several high schools in China offering education to the international students, the mode of instruction in most of these schools is English. Where Mandarin Chinese is used as the instructional language the student have a chance to learn the language and also apply it in different context.

If I do not have a relative in China, will I be allowed to study in the country?
If the student is less than eighteen years he or she will be required to identify a guardian, this is the person who will act as a parent, it can be a relative or any other person identified for such a role.

Will I get boarding facilities in the high school which I select?
In most cases , high school offers boarding facilities within the school, therefore the student will not be required to make arrangement for own stay.

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