What is a Demi Pair

A Demi Pair is a young adult between 18-29, who is a full time student, part time Au Pair; traveling to a foreign country wanting to study, and build on his/her language skills. This is a great program as it offers the student the opportunity to perfect their language skills and learn more about the local culture. Demi pairs, work part time, helping the host parents with their children, and some household work; being able to practice their lessons in real life. The Demi Pair will become part of the family, in exchange caring for the child/children, preparing meals, and other daily needs, most of all helping with learning the English language, using in conversations. Demi Pairs are seeking for an opportunity to complete some of their studies, accepting a position working with host parents, being responsible with their loved ones, sharing family and cultural experiences; this will also be an added plus in your portfolio for future employment. If you’re ready to travel and challenges, willing to learn more about China and its culture, then this program is for you!

Why be a Demi Pair

As a student, wanting to learn the Chinese language, this is a great program set for that; you will be immersed in the culture, at school as well as with a host family. Working part time with the host family will allow you to learn all aspects of the culture, history, food, and language. This program will allow you to focus on your school work, as you will only work for your host family part time, you will experience everything in their life, traveling, celebrations, holidays to name a few. Being a Demi Pair is a great way to stay in China as you do not have to worry about where to live and what to eat. You can save the extra money to use for your personal needs, or save it for when your return home. Having a wonderful learning experience from school and the host family you will stay with are great reasons to be a Demi Pair in China. You will be able not only to complete your educational program and be part of this wonderful experience, but you will also perfect your knowledge of Chinese history and the language. Your most important task will be to teach host kids English, help them with doing their homework, check their pronunciation, teach them how to use English in every day conversations. In return you will get lessons about the usage of Chinese language and you will be able to practice it surrounded by native Chinese speakers.


Responsibilities of a Demi Pair is to follow what the host parents want for their child/children, with a schedule of 15 hours a week; allowing you to spend this time with the child/children, as well as completing your classes, with no stress. Your day will have a variety of responsibilities, preparing and assuring the child/children, get meals and snacks, help with their school work, entertain them with games, play with them, read them a book and spend time with them until their parents return home. As a Demi Pair, your host parents will have faith in your ability to follow the schedule which they have set for their child/children; if at any time you feel uncomfortable please voice your opinion and discuss it with them. As a Demi Pair you become part of the family, the parents are your parents while you are there, the child/children are your brothers and sisters, show them that you are responsible and dependable to arrive at the time agreed upon and performing the duties your host parents have set. This is a great way to become well rounded in the Chinese culture as you will be involved in family holiday’s special events and gatherings. You will be paid for your responsibilities, you will occasionally help with some household work, as well as helping to prepare meals from time to time, the same as when you are in your own home.


Demi Pair placements are available for applicants at intermediate or higher level of English who have some child care experience. Being a Demi Pair allows you to work and study in a Chinese-speaking environment, developing your Chinese language while learning the culture and lifestyle with the host family you are staying with. Demi Pairs study at the local universities or colleges in cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Ningbo, Chengdu, or Shenzhen. Demi Pairs are able to get a monthly allowance from a host family, besides this Demi Pairs will also receive another monthly allowance from us. All issues will be discussed and placed into contracts, between us and you, a Demi Pair, as well as between the host family and a Demi Pair. While studying in China and being a student of one of the universities/colleges, visas are provided through the schools.  The minimum length of our Demi Pair program in China is 3 months and maximum length 12 months. Learning Chinese and studying at one of the universities in China can be a valuable point for your CV and your future career.

Placement Location

As China is a big country there are plenty of choices where to go to study Chinese language. From international cities as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou located in the east of China, which is developed and urbanized area to more typical Chinese cities located more to the center/west/north of China as Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing. Before making a final decision you should think carefully about what type of person you are, what you prefer, whether you like a lively bustling city or you are ready for challenge and you would like to experience a real Chinese culture in a smaller city. If you decide for a more traditional city you will not only be able to practice your Chinese but you will also learn about the culture, which enables you to understand Chinese better and adapt to this different culture more quickly. If you choose either a big city or a smaller one, you won’t regret coming to China. This experience will help you to grow personally and give you the chance to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Placement Fee

Traveling to China to study, is a big decision, and takes dedication; it can be scary when you are not sure what to expect. Once you connect with the agency and get everything going, you will be happy to know, that the agency is here to support you from the day you get started till you return back home. The service delivered from the agency is free to you as a Demi Pair; we are here to help you; to get you matched with the right host family. You will not have to worry about cost of living, much less finding a place to live. This will allow you to earn some income and use the money to save or explore your surroundings; you will have time to go out with your host family or with the other Demi Pairs who are already in China.

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