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What is an Au Pair

Au Pairs are single young women and men between the ages of 18-29, who have no children and travel to another country for some period of time to live with a host family, in this case China! Au Pairs are responsible in helping the host parents of a host family with raising their children and sometimes can be asked to do light household tasks.

Work as an Au Pair in China its about experiencing a new culture and language while working with children. This unique Au Pair programe gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, work with children, teach them English and also improve your Chinese languages skills while you are here!

Au Pair candidates are adventurous, curious, and interested in learning about new countries and cultures. They are mature, independent and positive individuals. Most importantly, they love children and enjoy spending time with them.

Au Pair host families are looking to provide loving childcare for their children. They also want to share their home with a young person from another country and have a meaningful culture exchange experience. When you apply to become an au pair, you can be sure that you’ll be placed with a carefully screened host family, who is excited to welcome you to their home.

Do you want to lear more about Chinese culture all while improving your chinese? Au Pair Shanghai can offer you this culturally rich experience. We can pair you with a family that can help you achieve your goals.

*An au pair in China will have to abide with the regulations set forth by IAPA (International Au pair Association), the CAPA (China Au Pair Association), and of course, abide by the laws in China.

Au Pair Responsibilities

Au Pair Responsibilities are to follow a schedule (which will be discussed with the family) with 30 working hours per week 1,5 days off.

Your day will have a variety of responsibilities, preparing and assuring the child/children have breakfast, and get them ready for school if they are of school age, as well as pick them back up to return home in safely; if not then prepare them for their day’s activities, playing games with learning the English language as the main intention.


Monday 6 A typical day might include:

  • Take the child to school;
  • Do some light chores (laundry, cleaning);
  • Go to Mandarin class;
  • Help with the child’s homework;
  • Play games and practice English with the child.
Tuesday 6
Wednesday 6
Thursday 6
Friday 6


Au Pair Requirements


Au Pair’s Requirements in China

  • Age: 18-29 years
  • Languages: Applicants from English-native speaking countries, in case of non-native speakers, English level must be advanced with a slight accent. Every other language is a plus for you
  • Education: High school or above
  • Experience with kids
  • Background check: No criminal record
  • Health: Medical check report
  • Be eligible for at least 3 months


The Ideal Au Pair

  • Mature and independent
  • Patient with children
  • Positive, outgoing and energetic
  • Flexible, adaptive and open minded to situations


If you think you fulfill all the au pair requirements above and you’re ready for this adventure in China, don’t wait or hesitate and apply for this program. We are looking forward to assisting you to get the right family for you!

Cultural Exchange

As an Au Pair in China, you will experience a wonderful cultural exchange program:

  • Travel: You will have the possibility to travel around China and Asia discover many beautiful places with a lot to offer.
  • Language: You can improve your English communication skills and learn one of the most spoken languages in the world.
  • Culture: You will live with a Chinese family with a different lifestyle while trying traditional food and learn about customs and being involved in cultural events and the most famous Chinese festivals. You will exposed your culture as well.
  • Networking: You will be able to develop your international network, which can be helpful for your future career.
  • Get to know you better: You will be able to adapt yourself to a new environment and deal with different situations.

Host Families

A family that is working on their career, dealing with life and children at times needs an assistant; they may apply to become part of a program where they become the host family, inviting a foreign young individual to live in their home as a family member. The individual becomes an Au Pair while staying in the host families home, boarding and food are free along receiving pocket money. The host family, the Au Pair and the agency have contracts which state all the obvious agreements, between each party.

Our Chinese host families are chosen very carefully and we guarantee that the family will provide you with your private room, internet connection and other necessary things needed for every day life. The host families are aware of potential cultural differences between them and the Au Pairs and they are more than wiling to learn about the other cultures as well. Host families in China will give you protection and treat you like a real member of their family, they will create a new home for you in China. At least one member of the family must be able to speak English or any other language of interest spoken by Au Pair. Family members will respect your private space and listen to your needs.

We will assist Au Pair in connecting with a host family in China, first communication will be held trough emails and video conference, after mutual agreement there will be a Skype call between the Au Pair and a host family. Once everyone is agreed on the match, the Chinese host family will make preparations for the Au Pair to come. The host family will communicate details with the Au Pair assuring that they know what is important for their travels and stay in their home.


Au Pair Placement in China

As most of you, candidates for Au Pair program in China, are currently residing in your own countries, the first step of getting to know you, future Au Pairs, for us is let you fill in our Application Form and send us some photos of you, a photocopy of your passport and the letter addressed to the host family. After receiving this Application Form and all the necessary documents, we carefully screen all the information of the candidate.  Our team contacts you by Skype for an interview. During this interview we observe your motivation for becoming an Au Pair in China, language skills, child care experience, hobbies, educational background and at the end we can create an overall idea about your personality. If you successfully pass the interview, we are responsible for finding you a suitable host family. Once we find you a family, we will provide you with all their information and photos, if you are interested in their profile, we arrange a video chat between you and a host family in China. During the interview you can ask the family anything you consider to be important for you, information about the city which they live in, about the kids, family conditions. Also allow them to get to know you, your ability to take care after kids and your qualities. If there is a mutual agreement between you and a family after this video talk, we take it as SUCCESSFUL PLACEMENT and you can start getting ready for your adventurous Au Pair trip to China. We sincerely hope that your future Chinese family will become kind of the real family for you in China and you will be keeping in touch with each other even after you return back to your country.


Our Advantages

We have already helped many families find Au Pairs, we placed more than 200 Au Pairs since 2010 with a great success. We have been in successful business for 5 years; belonging to Outuo (Shanghai) Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd in China and a member of IAPA and WYSE (International Au Pair and Travel Associations); proving our responsibility with a success track, with a positive relationship with Great Britain, Australia and the U.S.A. This program’s intention is to match Au Pair and host family in China that fit with each other, to assure the child/children of the parents are well cared for; as well as assuring the Au Pair arrives safely, receives support, including the opportunity to study Chinese. Communication is the most important, from all aspects, among host family, Au Pair and us; creating a positive environment for all foreign candidates applying as Au Pairs. We have a lot of experience in Au Pair programs, supporting the young adults, as they travel to China, adding valuable experience to their portfolio, CV; while helping the host family with their needs and assuring that these young adults have a wonderful experience, learn about the history, culture, and perfect their language skills surrounded with native Chinese speakers. Our program, offers the Au Pair all necessary documents for applying for visa, a pick up from the airport, an orientation training, flight ticket allowance, free mandarin lessons 4-6 hours a week; as well as assuring that the host family provides pocket money for Au Pairs 1000RMB/month at least.

We have already set the cooperation with many Au Pair agencies around the world and it enables us to learn from other internationally recognized agencies, improve our service and become one of the best providers of Au Pair service in China. Our strength also lies in our team that consists of not just Chinese but also foreign employees who have former experience with being an Au Pair in other countries. We do understand needs of the candidates, also our host families and importance of this cultural exchange. We do our best to provide a quality service, support and show respect to every individual.

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