Benefits of Homestay

  • As a foreign student, you settle easily in your new country, you have someone to show you how things are done around here.
  • You get to live a few minutes drive or walk to your university , this helps you to relax knowing that you will be getting to class on time
  • All your needs are taken care of , the host family has a responsibility of providing the guest with all the basic needs , this includes a room where the student will be staying and studying , food ,and any other requirement which is supposed to make the student comfortable. You have access to all the facilities that the family uses
  • It becomes easy to find friends, the host family is the starting point , if there are young members of the family , they will show you the way , help you to socialize and get acquaintances
  • You get all the information that you need, if you want to know more about the host country, its people and places, the family members are more than willing to take you through these lessons.
  • You have the opportunity to live in a fully furnished apartment or house
  • You will share meals with the host family and you can help them around with some of the chores, with this you are engage
  • You get a chance to form a bond with local family, this helps in building network which are very helpful in a student life and beyond.
  • You will have your own room
  • You have a chance to share responsibility just as you would while in your home country , this makes you feel at home
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