One of the factors to consider when selecting a school or a campus is accommodation, it is important to learn that there are some schools which offer boarding facilities while others do not. As an international student you may need a school which is offering boarding facilities or if it does not, it should have an arrangement for accommodation; this makes it easy for student to learn. When we talk about accommodation, it should be all inclusive; the student should get meals and bed as well as other services which go along. It also ought to be affordable, as a student you will be looking for an accommodation which will not be a burden to your parents or guardian, you need a package which will allow them to pay for the fees as well as cater for other expenses without difficulties. The place which is selected should also be safe, as a foreign student you would like to have a place which will guarantee your safety. The environment should also be conducive to learning; it should be an environment where the student can learn people’s culture and the language as well.

If you opt to stay outside the campus, the place where you will be accommodated should be near the school; this will ensure that you are not late for your classes. Sometimes traffic jams can lead to a lot of stress, where you are stuck for hours. If you want to avoid this make sure you consider the means of transport while choosing an accommodation, if you get a place where you can walk or cycle that would be the most ideal location.

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