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Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity can be referred to as the variation in cultures, culture shapes a person be it in their behavior, their beliefs, religion and language. It allows you to define your identity in a colourful world.

Our races classify our physical characteristics, like the colour of our skin, the shape of our eyes, the texture of the hair, the shape of your nose, the list is endless but those characteristics are to tell us that the world is very big and each part of that world is a home to diverse human species.

The beauty of our cultures being different and physical characteristics builds curiosity, never mind stereotypes put out there but a curiosity that you yourself would like to fulfill. There are certain cultural standards that go through generation lines, that move us to judge other cultures. Its not a bad thing but if your way of life differ from another persons way of life then it calls for questions to be asked and its only human to answer them yourself based on the knowledge you have.

Diversity in culture makes the world or to put it at minimum, it makes a country interesting,because with all these culture interacting on a daily basis a level of knowledge is imparted in each of us ,language skill is also boosted.

However the mistake we make is believing that our culture or race defines who you are, who are you? Because you have a gift of free will, you can define yourself in a way that goes beyond physical appearance but in a way that sees the background image. As different as we are, we live in the same world with same life problems that no body is immune to. It is through those experiences and perspectives that we come together as one.

There is something amazing that each person holds within them that goes beyond cultural differences,we all have a story to tell and cultural diversity gives a chance to strip ourselves off of what you know and believe in and allow yourself to be educated by the multiple cultures that surround you.

The beauty of life is in sharing of experiences and knowledge, getting to know one another on ground level, aside from language,race and culture. Given the chance take advantage of the variety of cultures that exist in your presence, share your culture and allow others to do the same,there is nothing to lose but there’s a beautiful world to be created through open minds.

Oh but we do not need school for this ,all we need is to grasp the beauty set before us, and start to define oneself separate from cultural standards, we could have better societies by seeking to find the identity behind ones race and culture,because each of us posses that background person.

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