Course Fee

TOEFL fees are determined by two factors, first, the amount of money that one will be required to sit for the test and secondly the fees that a student will be required to pay in the course of preparation. The fee that ETS requires for the student to sit for the test remains constant unless the one registers later and a penalty of $ 35 is slapped. The private tuition fees will vary, the duration one takes to prepare for the test will determine the amount paid, there are those students who only need the minimum number of weeks to be ready for the test whereas there those who will need more time. Those who take longer will pay more while those who only need instructions for a few week ends up paying less. The student also needs to buy some materials such as videos to help in the preparation. The institution where the course is taken will also determine the course fee, different instructors are known to charge varying fees, and therefore one has to consider this during the selection process.

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